What if God was our neighbor ?

Success Secrets

-Wake up and get out of bed each day by 6:00 AM. Start the day with at least 10 minutes of reading the Holy Bible. Followed-up with prayer. [Recommended reading: Ecclesiastes & Corinthians.]

-Minimum of one hour exercise every day.[walking on a treadmill is good]

-Eat fresh fruit and vegtables daily along with multiple vitamin suppliments.

-Work very hard at chosen profession a minimum of four hours a day.

-Do your best to treat others as you want to be treated!

-Attend and support the church of your choice on a regular basis.

-Go to bed early each evening.

Keep in mind:

"This instant is the only time there is"

"All that I give is returned tenfold!

"Forgiveness is the key to happiness"

"I am seldom upset for the reason I think"!

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John 3:16

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